My name is Aron Hsiao.

  • I am:   Experienced senior management in technology, marketing, and communications.
  • I know:   Hardware, software, UI/UX, society, higher education, e-commerce, old media, and new media.
  • I hold:   Ph.D. sociology (The New School), M.A. social science (Chicago), B.A. English and anthropology (Utah).
  • I code:   HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, C, Python, Bash, R, or anything you put in front of me.
  • I research:   Sociotechnology, ethnomethodology, big data and society, and user behavior.
  • I wrote:   Seven technology books, thousands of articles, piles of marketing and press for print and new media.
  • I developed:   Public Seminar, award-winning digital encyclopedias, and activist social media platforms.
  • I take:   Quality seriously, my time to do things the right way, UX as a challenge, and great photographs.
  • I want:   To lead and contribute to exciting organizations, environments, and projects.
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